Domestic Solar Energy

Solar energy is the most easily available form of renewable energy resource; sun's light is converted into power using solar panels and other solar power components. This power is used for domestic and industrial purposes. When produced on a large scale for the heating and lighting purposes in factories and industries, the solar power units are relatively huge and even require solar power plants for mass production. For running the household appliances and for heating water for domestic use, compact domestic solar energy units are available.

Domestic solar power systems greatly reduce the home electricity use. Consumption of other fuels is also brought down by installing solar power panels that can convert solar energy into electricity and heat. When used as solar heating systems, these units can heat water for household use, heat the water in swimming pools, and serve as central heating systems to heat, ventilate, and air condition the interiors. Another use of domestic solar power system is to light up the rooms with solar tubes which can substitute lamps and lights that consume conventional energy like electricity, kerosene, etc. They are basically skylights which are used to reflect the stored up solar power as light energy.

Domestic solar panels are easy to install and many of the units come with do-it-yourself solar panel installers. By following the step-by-step instructions, the user himself can install a small solar panel unit on the roof of his house. Depending on the type of solar power system, the size of the solar panels varies. The solar array system mounted on the roof or anywhere outside the house is connected to an inverter that converts DC energy into AC power; the inverter is usually placed within the house. The panels are installed in such a way that the unit can absorb optimal amount of direct sunlight during the day time. The popular proverb "make hay while the sun shines" could be modified to "make power when the sun shines" in the case of solar power.

Since sunlight is renewable energy which is freely available in nature all through the year, you are practically paying nothing for the domestic heating and lighting needs which otherwise would cost a fortune every month. It is also safe and environment friendly. Even if you find the solar power systems to be expensive, it is a one time cost; it is an investment and an asset that eventually brings you profit by saving energy and money.